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The purpose of this research is to develop a model based learning Environmental Education website for the technology area in Vocational High School (SMK) used by the teacher in delivering learning management environmental to be valid and effective. The type of this research is research development; the result of this research is produce a model based learning Environmental Education website by using three component products, namely: learning device, instrument, and the program's website (www. to measures the level of validity and effectiveness of the model. Environmental Education Model (PLH- Model) fulfills the Effective criteria of the process of student learning outcomes analyzed by using SPSS, in the first Trial PLH Model declared ineffective, judging from the results of student learning online where the mean score is 74.7 as a general score result graduation. if the KKM 70.0 refers to the value, and the maximum score with the highest value achieved by 88 students, and the lowest score is 50. The numbers of students who do not pass the test is 9students, and 44 students who have passed the test, so the percentage of the minimum number is 83.01%. If confirmed the standard of success in learning or mastery learning with the amount of 85% or (≤ 85%), it can be categorized insatiable for mastery learning outcomes. The second trial was declared effective by the maximum score obtained is 86. This is the highest score and the lowest score was 56. The numbers of students who do not pass the test were3 people and pass the test were 33, so that the percentage of the minimum number of 91.4 percent, if confirmed on mastery learning standards by 85% or (≥ 85%) it can be fulfills the completeness of criteria learning outcomes. Draft PLH Model development met the validity of all aspects assessed if: the theoretical aspects of supporting an average value of 3.5; sitaks aspect average value of 3.4; aspects of the social system of the average value of 3.5; principle aspects of the average value of 3.4; aspects of support systems 3.3; aspects of the instructional impact and impact Bridesmaids average value of 3.5; aspects of the implementation of online learning value average of 3.5; and aspects of the evaluation of the average value of 3.5. Through Trial I and Trial II Model PLH, the researcher stated PLH model fit for used in vocational areas of technology taught Environmental Education which integrated in Subjects IPA.

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