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One of the major problems of world community today is the dependence on fossil fuels. In addition to the more expensive price, the scarcity of fuels is also be a major obstacle, especially for remote area society. In Sorowako, many people work in water transportation services use gasoline or diesel engine to drive their boats. They also have similar problems that affect to their daily income. One alternative to be a solution for this case is using electrical energy as driver of the boat replacing fossil energy. Therefore, this research presents the propulsion systems of Katinting boat driven by motor DC. The model of propulsion system to designed and developed is a vertical shaft transmission that similar with outboard motor model. The primary source of propeller power is a motor DC. Motor’s shaft is connected by pulley and belt to gear box shaft. Two accumulators is used in series connection to supply voltage 24 volts for motor. Performance test of propulsion system shows that the vertical shaft type gives 3992 rpm in propeller shaft. Running test on the small Katinting boat provides the average speed of boat on the water surface is about 1,6 m/s.

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