rissa ayustia


This paper described about women empowerment of bidai plaiting. The borderland area has an important and strategic role, as a sovereignty symbol of a country and a reflection of a country (Madu et al, 2010). Jagoi Babang, one of the regency in Bengkayang, West Kalimantan, has a borderland with Sarawak, Malaysia. The infrastructure in Jagoi Babang has not been developed well. Having a policy only is not enough to ensure a development if there is no serious supervision. There are many civilians who live under poverty in the borderland, in terms of human resources, economy and infrastructure. The dynamics of people development in Indonesia's borderland is not maximal. The national development strategy and policy is aimed to reach a high economic growth to improve the economic sector which is left behind. There is bottom-up development policy which is based on democracy, whereby the development essence is from the people, by the people and for the people. The people is only an object of the development project, they are only being a spectator. This condition happens also in Jagoi Babang, the people are only an object. They are not able to give additional value to their natural resources, but only sell it directly in Serikin, Malaysia. This paper using secondary of the data and field observation, then analized in the form of descriptive research.

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