andi rosman n, Mukhtar Mukhtar


The research has done by using length scratch variations on the fiber optic multimode (FOM) with the intention of temperature sensor. The length scratch variations which have conducted were 5 centimeter and 7 centimeter. Some variations such length scratches would be seen by using FOM sensitivity which have sufficed temperature sensor specification. This experiment was began thought applying voltage of 12 volt from power supply to the sensor BF5RD-1-N Fiber Optic Amplifier. As per the sensor which has been resulted by laser beam. It would be transmitted to the FOM and it would be accepted again by the certain sensor which has a function as a receiver such voltage ration (dB). According to the voltage ratio, it would be calibrated with the specific temperature by using thermometer. As per the experiment, the research pointed out that there is a correlation between dB which has received by sensor and temperature’s alterations from FOM. The result of the experiment found out that if scratches become bigger from the FOM, it would make voltage ratio becomes fewer. The FOM’s linearity which has pointed out such as 0,996 and 0,989 for 5 centimeter and 0,996 and 0,965 for 7 centimeter. It can be concluded that the FOM’s sensitivity which compatible with temperature sensor is scratch along 5 centimeter.

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